4 Great Tips to Marketing ANY business


Most people get excited when they see a good deal. Try to find a network marketing company that will allow you to distribute coupons to your customers. Get creative with the way you promote the coupons. Use them to reward your best customers, add them to the mix for a grand prize drawing, or create fun games that visitors can play to win. An item that is discounted in price will always get the interest of buyers.

Look at independent distributors to see how to model yourself when using network marketing. You will then start thinking and acting like these people do and this will help you be more successful.

Tip #1: Have first-hand knowledge of the products you endorse.

Rather than marketing a product you know nothing about, you should use the products you’re selling. If people see that you use the products, they will be much more interested in them. I am a former Sprint Wireless Customer. I called once because I was having connectivity issues with my phone and/or service. As I was sharing this with the Rep, they said, “See this is why I am with AT&T.”  Ok….say whhhaaaaaat????? So you know what I did…….I switched to AT&T. It’s like if you fix a huge dinner and everyone sits down at the table and then you say, “ok I’m going to McDonalds and I will be right back.”  Hmmmmm? Well when you come back I hope you have enough for everyone because I’m not eating it if you’re not eating it. LOL! People can read right through your fakeness so don’t try to push something on them that you are not sold on just to make a quick buck. Also, let people come to you instead of you reaching out all the time.  Remember Facebook is not SPAMBOOK. Cut that foolishness out.  Just say “Hi” not always endorsing a link or creating YET ANOTHER Fan Page. Really??  Remember If you make a friend first, you will have a business that will last.

Tip #2 Building a website is a great idea and social media presence is a MUST.

An interesting and well-designed blog is a great launching point for your marketing efforts. Similarly, a social networking presence and your own individual website will be excellent marketing tools. Whatever you do, you need to have a presence on the internet in a place that is community oriented. Keep in mind that an active and well designed blog helps too. You may say you don’t need this…..well I thought that too.  Then one day as I was driving I stopped at a red light and glanced over.  There were 6 people at the bus stop and ALL 6 had some sort of PDA in their hands and 5 out of the 6 had ear buds.  If you need help with setting up, find a teenager. My staff set up mine and my 16 year old niece, showed me how to work Instagram and Twitter. Love you Alexs!!! (I have the sweetest niece in the whole wide world. A heart of gold and PURE…but that’s another topic for another day.)

Tip #3 Approaching Network Marketing as a Tool to HELP OTHERS.

Approach network marketing as if you are helping people, by supplying your business as a tool to enhance their everyday life.  The enhancement could be, a healthier life financially, spiritually, naturally, and etc. versus selling things to make money. Try to think about your product as something that will solve a problem. This will make it much more desirable.

If you want to be a network marketing leader, you must have a genuine passion for helping others. Remember Friends FIRST!! Find the NEED, Fulfill the need and you will be unusually successful. That is a quote from my mentor, Dani Johnson.  When you find yourself helping clients succeed with the tools you give them, you will see your profits begin to rise.

Talk to prospects about how your business can help them build a better life, and you are the person to help them. If you are a chiropractor, then speak to your patient/client on how your alignment is the best one for them and give them a free demo. You must show them that everything you do is in their best interest.  If you are a web developer show them that your system will help them succeed, while also making their life easier and stress free.

Tip #4 They are your Clients not your Customers.

I am a customer at Whole Foods and Stop and Shop. I am a customer of Five Guys. I am a customer of  Target. I am a client to my attorney, which is a partner of the TOP LEGAL Firms in Boston with offices all over the world. I am a client of Liz Hair Care Salon in the heart of Boston.  I am a client of Coldwater Creek, Talbots, and Lord and Taylor’s.  The key to network marketing is to never lose sight of your clients’ specific desires. Also clients PAY MORE because you value them more. Yes it’s wonderful when I have a legal question, I can run it by my attorney and he’s always there.  He also doesn’t nickel and dime me….did I mention that he makes $750 an hour?  It’s great when I enter Liz’s Hair Salon that I’m immediately greeted by the front desk and the pre style assistant (AKA shampoo girl) is standing right there and says, “Jayme I am ready whenever you are.”  did I mention that I my personal tab is usually between $65 and $145 depending on what service I am receiving.  Please don’t let it be a day when my girls are with me. Yes, I have spent $300 plus to have all 4 of our hair washed, conditioned, and styled to perfection.  It is VERY nice that a few apparel stores have dressing rooms waiting for me with the styles that interest me,  the colors,  and personal assistant to take things back…..I have spent $1,000 in one trip at one store.  Why because the VALUE me and by them valuing me  and going the extra mile in customer service, they have in turn increased their OWN VALUE!! I am a customer at Whole Foods and Stop and Shop. I do not go into the store and say, “oh boy oh boy let’s see how much money I can waste today. I get upset if I don’t have my coupons with me and WILL STAND at the register and search every pocket until I find that ONE coupon that I just grabbed in the aisle.  Customer Mindest!! When I walk into Five Guys I am already saying….they are too expensive.  With that mindset the kids share fries and Brian and I have shared a large drink. I hope you can see the difference and if you go the extra mile if will benefit you tremendously. You will not stay in business if you fail to please your clients. Clients are more inclined to open their wallets and pocketbooks to you over and over again but customers are more inclined to ask for a discount. Refrain from talking too much, and try to aim for an 85/15 ratio of listening to talking to put their needs and wants first. It’s not ABOUT YOU!

Now that you’ve read some tips, hopefully you feel more confident to in your network marketing plan. Network marketing success happens when you know what to do. You know what to do when you understand the subject, and your understanding of the subject is something you can always improve upon.

And if you are serious about building a successful network marketing business, or are looking for a leader and a team to help you explode in network marketing, you deserve to review my company of choice, right here: bit.ly/1in6t0w

To your success,

Jayme 🙂


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