A Few Simple Steps that You Can Change TODAY for a Better Tomorrow!


Welcome to Jayme Washington Speaks, where you’re enlightened, encourage, and inspire others to greatness with expert business, money and relationship advice to live an unusually successful life.

Thank you for coming to visit my blog – one that is quite possibly the best you’ll ever encounter. Expect to see messages ranging from business strategy and personal finance, to personal development and insight for improving relationships and family life. Also spiritual equipping will be found here and it is a dominant principle with what we do.

No matter what the message, you can be sure to see step by step and very specific steps that will lead you into the uncommon life you’re looking for.

It’s my personal goal to equip you for success beyond your wildest dreams! Each message will address a single subject. It will take no more than 10 minutes of your time to read. However the productivity you gain will be priceless.

As long as you are willing to step out, face your fears and take action, you will succeed. And when you do, our community will be there cheering you on, congratulating you and showing you other actionable ways to implement.

This is quite possibly the most encouraging and inspiring group of people online -people just like you who have taken the jump for the uncommon life and are living it!

You are welcome here – make yourself at home! We look forward to this remarkable journey with you.

As promised, the link to the free video is below. First, I want to introduce you to my coach Dani Johnson. She had EVERYTHING against her. She had $2.03 to her name and decided to CHANGE her mindset and made her first $1,000,000 (one million dollars) in her first 18 months. It is very rare that someone with her credientials will take the time and give free tips. If I were you I would take A LOT of notes. She and I have made this video available to you for free.

I have only one request -write down one actionable item from the content you’re about to hear and take action on it right away. These exact tips have helped tens of thousands to reach goals never believed possible and I want no less for you.

Watch video now!

Please post a comment on my blog or Facebook Page. I want to know what you liked about the video.

In Great Faith,


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