Do Children Really Benefit from Music???


By: Guest Blogger Bárbara Alva

Something that I will never forget, is when my life coach told me that a baby is able to learn everything in the matter of hours by just staring at it and analysis. It doesn’t matter if you put the baby against a wall with little spots, the baby is going to stare at it closely and analyze every single inch of the wall. This kind of small things impact his life in a semiotic way.

The same happens with music. According to my mom, when she was pregnant of me, she used to play instrumental music and also sing to me, then when I was born she kept doing that. Years later I asked why she did that, and she told me that it was a stimulus for my little baby body and brain.

All these aroused a big curiosity and I started wondering whether if it was possible that in fact the music had relationship with emotional and behavioral development of the baby.

According to the website ” My Baby and Me ” a melody is an adventure for children, because music is everywhere. However, for the little baby music is good, because it helps the kid to develop a better intellectual and emotional side. Listening to classical music, Renaissance´s music,  or through the baroque, classical , jazz it is a real healthy stimulation because of all the quantity of instruments combinations this kind of music has.

For example, James Douglas author of the book “She will have a baby and I will have a panic attack” says that when kids are in kindergarden a very common activity is getting them to sing, and share musical instruments, so this way they are having their first contact with other kids, learning how to share, and how to spend time with other people and not just with their mommy and daddy.

Music can also be an incentive for the child in a more developed age, for example; Apart from stimulating a parts the brain, it is also creating a discipline in the kid that eventually is going to help building a more independent being as well as a more confident personality and lead him to a level of analysis that when the time of turning into the teenage life will have this “natural instinct” more a float.

Finally , music has this wonderful gift of bringing people together. The child who lives in contact with music, the learns to have a better  relationship with other kids, and also helps to provide a more harmonious communication. Through music, the baby improves coordination, enhance memory, mathematical ability, language learning and also helps him maintaining better concentration. If you want to learn more about having music lessons right inside your home click here: So moms and dads, what are you waiting on to enroll your little ones into free music lessons?

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