Do You Know HOW to communicate???


Regardless of how our forms of communication may change, some things will always be needed! When you hang around certain people, you will begin to “pick up” their ways. So, if you surround yourself with millionaire people skills, you have started WAY ahead of others.

The young people of this generation a WAY ahead of us when it comes to spreading a message to the masses.  Doing the WORK one time and receiving results instantly.  For example, up in Beverly, MA a teenager was arrested for disturbing the peace. He needed $40 of bail money.  What does he do?  Instead of calling his parents, he POSTS what he needs on Facebook.  Guess what? It worked! Not long after, a friend showed up at the station to post his bail and take him home. Our communication has become so reliant on digital technology, and not face-to-face human interactions, most people avoid actually dealing with a live human at all costs!

It is crazy and mind boggling to see how much it has all changed. Most people wonder what this means for our society. The problem with a lack of face to face, is it dehumanizes social interaction.  It takes the “human” factor out of talking to a human!

Of over 18,000 teens polled, 90% admitted technology makes life easier, but about 60% said that people rely on it too much and it can be dehumanizing.

In fact this fear of dehumanizing our society has become such a threat, there is a new wave of empathy-geared games. These games are focused on teaching children about empathy, as they wouldn’t normally recognize it. Wow, can you imagine that?

As our ever-changing society evolves in its different forms of communication, recognize that you are in total control of your communications and that of your kids. You don’t have to invest in empathy-themed games to equip your child to be an influential and skilled people-person. Your family does not have to be victim or fear the dehumanization of everything!Click HERE NOW, to listen a Free Video that will help you to equip yourself and your children for success “the human way.”

Despite whatever social media, technology or changes continue to occur in communications in our world — you as a parent are the one responsible for what goes in your household! Isn’t it time to put actual PEOPLE back into “people skills” and arm yourself — and your family — with those timeless communication tools, regardless of the medium, that can make you true masters of your “domain!”

While we want to see more human interaction, we also understand the online realities of today, so I invite you to “Like,” “Tweet” and share today’s message. But don’t stop there, start the conversation face-to-face today with your friends, coworkers and family. And, don’t forget to let me know your favorite form of communication!

With Love,


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6 thoughts on “Do You Know HOW to communicate???

  1. Fascinating! I wasn’t aware that there were games that teach children such valuable interpersonal skills. What are the names of these games?


    • Babies start to develop interpersonal relationships as soon as they are born.
      Infants ‘bond’ quickly with parents and siblings making eye-contact and recognizing faces, voice sounds, tone and pitch. Smiles usually follow from about two months old and as any parent will know babies have a way of communicating that something is wrong from a very early age – if they are tired, hungry, in pain or need changing. A few games are just day to day activities and making them fun for the child.

      For example: You can have a child play a game called “Body movements.” It can include gestures, posture, head and hand movements or whole body movements. Body movements can be used to reinforce or emphasize what a cihld is saying and also offer information about the emotions and attitudes of a child. Thank you for the comment and I hope my answer helps!


  2. “Instead of calling his parents, he POSTS what he needs on Facebook.” Wow! I’m surprised he was allowed to post to Facebook. I thought you’re only allowed to call someone. That’s quite a progressive police station.


    • Lol! I never thought of the progressiveness of the police station. That’s so true and I guess that just shows that we certainly are residing in a technology world. Thanks for the post!


  3. This post was the blessing my husband and I needed. I shared it with him and it started a conversation of the differences in our communication skills. Thanks, Jayme!


    • Hi Winter! I am so happy that this article was a blessing to you and your husband. Your words are so encouraging to me. Thank you. I hope you too continue with your conversation on this topic. Please reach back out to me because I want to know how you two are doing. Thanks again, Winter.


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