Having Systems in Place Will Make Your Life Easier!


Hi Friends,

I hope you are all doing great and fantasitc.  I am actually writing you from the comfort of my home as I am sick with pneumonia! Yes, pneumonia.  I am not really sure how I contracted the illness but, nevertheless, I have it.  I thank God for having such an awesome family.  I called my sister in law at 7:30 this morning and told her I needed to go to the hospital to have a chest x-ray at 11:20am.  She came by a grabbed me and ALL the little ones…..(I was too dizzy to drive) and drove me to the hospital.  The attending and staff were indeed waiting on me and by 11:40, I was diganosed with pneumonia.  There were many steps that took place to make this visit as smooth and as quick as it was but there is one word we can use to define it…..systems.  There were certain systems in place from when I arrive, to when I checked in, from the assistant obtaining my co-pay, to the nurse taking my blood pressure and walking me down the hallway, and etc.  There were many systems in place but the funny thing is….I didn’t see my doctor until the VERY END!  Does that mean that he wasn’t involved? No! Does that mean that he didn’t have an important role to play? No! Does that mean that he wasn’t capable of performing all the pervious tasks?  No! So what does it mean????? It means that we as a work better together as a team versus just a one man show.  When eveyone KNOWS what there paritcular job is and they EXCEL in that job, it creates the perfect system for success.

No one was trying to take the others job….they were simply excelling at their particualr task in the system and then moving me to the next. You can apply this to your everyday personal or business life.  When you have systems in place for your children. One goes in the bathroom to brush their teeth, while the other jumps in the shower…..or one loads the dishwasher while the other wipes the countertops…….and they work on perfecting their task or “jurisdiction” (as we call it in our home.)  Everyone has a piece of the kingdom or jursidiction that they are in charge of.  They most EXCEL in whatever is asked or needed of them for that piece of the kingdom.

Just because you can do everything does not mean that you are SUPPOSE to DO EVERYTHING!! Set up a few systems and watcht them work.  The greatest leader is one that can delegate not DO IT ALL!!!

Try it right now and let me know how it works for you.

To Your Success,



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