Honoring Others: Try it TODAY!


I want you to think about that ONE person that you would LOVE to meet in this lifetime. It could be President Obama, President George Bush, Oprah, Martha Stewart, Ellen, Bishop TD Jakes, Jimmy Fallon, and the list just goes on and on.  I want you to picture this actually happening. You are FINALLY going to meet THAT PERSON. You are ecstatic, nervous, and grateful all at the same time. The day is finally HERE!! You drive up to the meeting place and your mind races on thoughts of what you are going to say and how you are going to act. “I must keep my cool. I must not act like a STAR CRAZY FAN although I really want to.”  The   doors open and there they are.  You greet them with a nice hand shake and AMAZING eye contact. Why? Because you want to honor them and make sure that they know you appreciate them.  There time is valuable and shall not be wasted.

As they begin to speak, you just listen. You don’t interrupt and you wouldn’t DARE even think of pulling out your cellphone even if it rings. As a matter of fact, your phone is OFF because you refused to be disturbed during this ONCE in a LIFETIME moment.  Your posture is upright as you converse with this AMAZING INDIVIDUAL…..there is no slumping in the chair…..looking out the window as they speak…grabbing the magazine that’s on the coffee table….OH NO! In this one moment in time, it is just you and that person. WOW!! Doesn’t that feel great? Ok now…..as that person leaves someone else walks in…..it’s the local cashier at your grocery store……..Did anything change???? Are you still as attentive to their words or does that magazine on the coffee table look more appealing than ever before.  Are you still undistracted or do you need to make a phone call or send that text that you forgot to send? Are you tired of sitting in the chair now?  DO YOU HAVE BETTER THINGS TO DO????? I mean come on, the person that you have wanted to meet ALL YOUR LIFE just walked out the door and now in the same exact seat is the local cashier from the grocery store. They scan my groceries, bag them, swipe my credit card, and hand me my receipt. It’s a business transaction that doesn’t involve me. What could they possibly have to say that’s important?????

If you have thought this or done this. You are WRONG! We all are wrong. We all have done this before but my friends we cannot pick and choose who we honor. Honor is universal.  Everyone one was created by the Most High God and that, my friend, is enough for you to give them honor. Let’s work together and make the world a better place. Honor everyone and you will be honored in the same fashion. Go out and increase your value in the marketplace!</span

God Bless You. 

Chat soon….


@ Jayme Washington Speaks


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