How to Become a Successful Blogger: Blog Daily!


Many of my cilents are me the same question all the time. They say, “Jayme how did you become SO successful in blogging.” or they will ask, “How did you get asked to give a review to that new movie that hasn’t come out yet?” or “How did you turn your Blog into a TV show?”  My answer is so simple but sometimes I feel as if they are looking for something else.  So, my friends I am going to share this with you. 

If you want to be successful in anything do it daily.  For example….I am going to use blogging as my example.  I had made a promise to myself to Blog daily.  Many of my inner circle would say that I should share more of my thoughts with others and that’s when it all happened.  I have always loved to write….I grew up with my little diary and then journal…….so I was accustomed to writing. So, one day…I just did it. I began to write my thoughts daily whether it was with words or video. 

I am just amazed at this because I was just listening to an Empower Network Elite Team Strategy Call and Dave said the same exact thing, “blog daily.”  I have just started this in venture with Empower Network on how to craft my skill and to make it even better.  One thing Dani Johnson has taught me is that you can NEVER go wrong with investing in yourself. At first I was indeed a little hesitant because a few of the products that Empower offers are not cheap and it appears that they have received a bad reputation for having high ticket items. But you get what you pay for!! I do plan on chronicling my traingings with Empower and giving my honest opinion. 

So, I will say this…whatever your passion is do it DAILY and also Believe in yourself. Believe so much in yourself that you can SEE yourself living in the future and reaping the harvest!! 

Keep dreaming and then take that dream and put it into ACTION to make your DREAMS come TRUE!

To Your Success, 

Jayme 🙂 


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