How to Obtain Success with Influence!


Success so simple, you won’t believe it’s real (but it is!)

So many people make success out to be some kind of far-out, almost imaginary thing that is just out of their reach. That couldn’t be further from the truth! Success is simple… You just have to know how to do it.

There are several things that wealthy, rich, good political figures, and public figures have in common.  INFLUENCE!!! They can influence people to move, react, and take ACTION to further there goals. This, my friend, is called the power of influence.  It has been used since the beginning of time. Eve used her influence to have her husband Adam eat the apple.  Although, he didn’t have to it nor did she shove it down his throat…..but that’s another blog for another day. LOL!  Use your influence to be a positive influence in other people’s lives.

This is such a powerful strategy, and it takes a high level of leadership to use the power of influence in this way. When you use your influence to help other people, you can easily gain their trust and attention. But it’s not about making friends or getting what you want… it’s about creating mutually-beneficial relationships with the people around you.

This is a very high level of maturity and leadership. You have to build long-lasting and loyal relationships in your business, home life, spiritual life, friendships, any other relationship you may come in contact with.  And why is this important? Because when there is loyalty, people are willing to work through the good and bad times together. If you build great relationships and develop leaders in your organization, when the hard times come, you will stick together, grow together and come out on the other side together.  When you have mastered the skill of influence, you will become successful in the things that you do. Your employees become loyal, your children become honorable, your husband can’t wait to be around you, your wife waits for the moment for you to walk through the door, your friends seek you out for advice,……I can go on and on about the different relationships that you will not only strengthen but you will also have the opportunity to REBUILD broken relationships.

Another way to use your influence to help others is to share events and messages that will help them. Send this message to your friend and join me here again for my next “food for thought.”  I can’t wait to share what we are going to talk about!

Chat with you soon!

Your friend,



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