How’s Your People Skills????? Good, Bad, or Other…..


My mentor, Dani Johnson was imparting wisdom into my spirit and it was so overwhelming that I just want to share a little bit with you…..

Have you ever noticed how people think they have GREAT people skills? They talk about how they’re great with people or love being social. Yet at the same time everyone seems to just plain suck at basic communication and “social” has moved from face-to-face to a text, email, or some sort online reality?

Like the marketplace, communications are an ever-evolving outlet. Many people had multiple landline phones. I remember my mother ordering another landline phone for us because me and my brother, Jay, would fight over the phone!! Fast forward 10 years and now less than 50% of American households have a landline! Just think about it?  How many people do you know now that do not have a landline phone or never answer their home phone?

And yes, most people use cellular devices, but communication has changed more than that.Social media sites like  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube are redefining communication in a big way.

Learn to put the “people” back into your “people skills

Being one of Dani’s clients, I am privy to many inside tips. Nevertheless, she is sharing a few golden nuggets with others for FREE.  Here’s a direct link to her website and you can listen for yourself.

While we want to see more human interaction, we also understand the online realities of today, so I invite you to “Like,” “Tweet” and share today’s message. But don’t stop there, start the conversation face-to-face today with your friends, coworkers and family. And, don’t forget to let me know your favorite form of communication!

With Love,


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2 thoughts on “How’s Your People Skills????? Good, Bad, or Other…..

  1. My people skills could definitely use some work. I often find myself in situations where there are awkward pauses or where I’m unconsciously referencing internet memes and trends that the person I’m speaking to wouldn’t be aware of.


    • HI Yoji. You are so correct. We have become a society where we now reference memes while speaking. I always hear, “SMH” or “OMG” and I have used them as well. I am very proud of you for recognizing that you could use some work in this area and I hope the blog post helped you.


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