Make a GOAL and STICK TO IT!!


Does your family have a dream vacation you guys have talked about before… maybe over and over and over again? Is there one place, or maybe places, you always talk about going but have yet to actually do?

Over the summer I finally fulfilled a lifelong goal of traveling through Europe with my kids, and the experience changed my life! Traveling and spending time with them created such a great experience, full of learning and lasting memories.

Maybe your family goal is something on a smaller scale: you want to take a roadtrip to Disneyworld or go out to eat at a fancy restaurant; but today I want you to stop talking about these dream getaways!

Looking for extra money to fund your dreams?

If your finances are holding you back from family goals or dream vacations it’s time to flip over the couch cushions. What if I told you, you really can find hidden money to fund your dream life without increasing your income?

I’m serious, this weekend it’s time to stop talking, take your dream off the drawing board and to make a plan. Because what happens when your goal is just some far-off idea, you don’t commit to it. You aren’t putting money away for it. Your extra money gets spent on a coffee run or a new pair of shoes.

When you don’t have a plan for your money, you will find it sucked into other things. And next thing you know, another year has gone by and you haven’t set that money aside for what you really want to do. But, it’s easier than you think to get started TODAY!

Step 1: Sit down with your kids. Make sure they are in on the plan! Pick a place or goal that everyone can enjoy.

Step 2: Make a DETAILED list of what needs to happen in order for you all to accomplish that dream. It might mean foregoing events, not doing big presents at Christmas, or just saving a specific amount every month. It could mean garage sales, your kids doing yard work…

Step 3: Set the date! Once the date is set the pressure is on to meet those goals instead of just talking about eventually meeting a goal.

Also, it doesn’t even have to be a vacation or trip. Maybe your family goal is just to get out of debt, lose weight or do something big for charity. Doing something big together is something your kids will never forget.

Start your family goal-planning tonight! Also, check out my resource page for some extra help in getting out of debt, raising kids, and making extra money from home. Use today’s message and have a talk with your kids about what they’d like to accomplish or do as a family. Leave me your comments and tell me what your family is planning! Don’t forget to “LIKE” and share the post on Facebook and Twitter.

To your success, 

Jayme 🙂 


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