People Skills


How good are your people skills? Whether you are out in the corporate jungle managing your team or you are at home looking after your family, people skills are a must in today’s world. My mentor Dani Johnson, a splendid communicator, helped me ponder over the different facets of communication.  I would love to share some of them with you.

Over the past decade, communication has undergone a paradigm shift. Once, it used to be all about meeting friends and family for dinner or coffee. These meet ups, picnics or ball games encouraged us to bond with each other and develop relationships. In a way, it helped us strengthen the social fabric of our society. On the contrary, do you see what has happened now? Personal face-to-face interactions have now been replaced with chains of e-mails, strings of text messages and a slew of likes and comments on social media platforms.

It is naïve to think that emoticons and terse texts convey the complete message. The light touch on the shoulder, the twinkle in the eye, the silent chuckle or a plain hug has no online equivalents.


The growth of online communities has created a bubble and people have become more secluded than they ever were. It is a paradox as to how we think that the world is coming closer with technology whereas in reality, we are moving away from each other along the human dimension. Once upon a time, every American household had a landline. Let us fast forward ten years and less than 50% of American households do! The other day, I happened to see one at my neighbor’s residence. My friend who came along with me looked at it as a quaint Roman relic. Mobile phones have stolen a lot of our attention. It has become a common sight to see people glued to their cell phone screens. It is now imperative to ask ourselves if we value the touch screen more than the human touch.

Let us put the human factor back in our relationships and ‘people’ back into people skills with Dani Johnson. Visit her website and rediscover some invaluable nuggets of advice for free! Here is a direct link to her website.

While we put in effort to bond with people in a real way, let us not stay outdated and forget to quickly tell people to do the same. I invite you to “like”, “tweet” and share this message with all your friends and family. Also, tell me what your favorite form of communication is.

Don’t stop there! Make sure that you connect with your loved ones and continue this discussion over a hot cup of coffee on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

In Great Faith,


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