Successful Business Owner Posts FIRST BLOG!

business owner

Ok so this is my first post of 2014….actually my first post EVER. I am a Stay at Home Mom, Successful Business Owner, and Entrepreneur. I have commented on Blogs, Websites, Been Featured on TV, written Scripts, and the list goes on and on….but I have not really been transparent.  I would first like to thank my God for allowing me to have this platform.  I have been a successful entrepreneur owning online businesses and traditional businesses.  Some have FAILED and some have been SUCCESSFUL (I plan on sharing all of that with you here.)  What I have learned is that there is a formula to ALL OF THIS SUCCESS MADNESS!!

You can be successful!! With the right tools, mindset, and coaching…you can do exactly what I have done/am doing and much more.  My name is Jayme Washington, I am a Child of God, Wife to Brian, Mommy of 5, Business Owner, Partner of WashTone Performing Arts, TV Producer, TV Director, Script Writer, Homeschool Mom, Mom on the PTA, Volunteer, Keynote Speaker, Motivational Speaker, Chef, and YET I have never really been transparent….I needed a REASON to be. The reason is YOU.

I have a wonderful audience and a platform and I want to use it to serve others.  I want to help those small business owners, entrepreneurs, up and coming authors, writers, designers,……the next eBay founder…I want to spread the word about your product and services.

I am raising 5 children and I am successful in what I do.  I can help you do the same. I am glad that you are here with me on this journey.


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