The LAW of Reaping and Sowing


We are still in the beginning of the year. I looked at my children running around the house and realizing how Brenden is tall enough to reach the island in the kitchen… was just a few weeks ago when he would push a chair up to the island to grab his favorite cookie or treat. He always comes around me and HUGS my leg or waist. 

I hear Victoria singing in the background and how her voice in getting stronger and stronger and watching her go over her new script for a TV Show that she will be in at the end of month.  Sabrina is becoming more loving as the day goes by….Rachel unloaded and loaded the dishwasher all by herself and NO ONE asked her to do it!! Brian, Jr.’s smile lights up my day and he loves to read and can carry a conversation on like an adult.  There comes a time when you will REAP what you SOW. When you REAP into your children you will begin to SOW a harvest.

One of the Law of Success is Reaping and Sowing. What you plant is what you will sow. If you plant negaitivity, you will reap the harvest of negativity ALONG with the seeds to PLANT more NEGATIVITY. If you plant hatred, you will reap hatred and have seeds of Hatred, if you plant anger, you will reap anger and have seeds of anger…..You get my pooint????  Nevertheless, there’s a good part in this story. If you SOW love, you will REAP Love and have seeds of Love, if you SOW Kindness, you will REAP Kindness, and have seeds of REAP.

So remember to SOW GOOD things into your Children and you will REAP GOOD things! Be a source of planting GOOD things so that you can REAP. It’s the LAW. The LAW has been here since the beginning BEFORE you and I were here or even thought of.  So, play by the rule instead of trying to create new ones! 

To Your Encouragement, 



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