War on Debt! It’s time to live Financially FREE!!

I came across an article a couple months ago that was really interesting to me. According to the Wall Street Journal, a lot of people would much rather struggle to pay off a large credit card bill laterthan to admit that they simply should not buy whatever it is that they’re tempted to buy. In fact, the author of this article wrote, “Feelings of shame or embarrassment are just some of the reasons folks just won’t say no to spending.”

That seems very sad and unfortunate to me. Just think about it… People are so afraid of what other people will think of them, or even afraid to admit to themselves that it wouldn’t be wise for them to buy something, that they will pull out a credit card and charge it. They would rather choose instant gratification with long-term debt, long-term shame and stress instead of choosing to make wise financial decisions now and eliminating the stress and shame that debt brings. That is a big fat ego, if I ever saw one!

Here’s the bottom line… Our society is full of pressure to spend more money, regardless of your financial needs or limitations. The pressure to spend more money leads to more debt, which leads to more stress, more anxiety, and even more financial problems. Don’t you see the cycle here?

It’s time to BREAK that cycle!

We have been sold an illusion of happiness that involves having the best stuff or the most stuff. This illusion requires us to keep up with the Jones’ and buy, buy, buy, more, more, more. But that is not real happiness! That is total bondage!

To Your Success!


Jayme 🙂

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