Mommy I Don’t Want To Go To Sleep!!

Bed time story 2Many parents find it hard to put their young kids to sleep. I have a hard time doing it as well. My kids always avoid going to the bed at night. Most kids feel going to bed is a punishment! If only there was a way to get through this without so much effort. Almost everyday I have to come up with a new story. One story ends and then another one, and the saga continues!

When I interact with other mothers, I do get to hear some funny stories. My kids can beat all of them hands down, when it comes to making up excuses to go to bed. Even if they are really tired, they don’t want to go to sleep. The minute my husband Brian says, okay babies it’s time to go to bed, all my kids rubbing their little red eyes don’t hesitate saying, I am not tired yet, I don’t want to go to sleep! Or try to talk us into playing games. After a working week day, these things are hard to put up with.

Children are much more active than we are. We may be tired but kids are packed with energy 24/7. They make a million excuses just to not go to bed! Here are some silly reasons my kids come up with.

Daddy you forgot to pray for me!

Last night Brian walked into the room after putting the kids to sleep. Soon after that Rachel follows him and says “Daddy you forgot to pray for me.” Brain replied saying, “I did pray for you Rachel.” Rachel then replied saying, “No, I mean you forgot to place the bless oil on my forehead WHILE you were praying for me.” You see children never forget things and they will do all that they can to squeeze an additional twenty minutes of life right out of you when it comes to bed time. So Brian leaves the room and goes back into Rachel’s room to redo the night time prayer but this time with the bless oil.


Mommy, I think my toe is broken!

While he’s away, comes Sabrina ”Mommy” “Yes Sabrina.” “I think my toe is broken.” I am now biting the inside of my cheek so that I won’t laugh and ruin all chances of her ever coming to me again…. with total composure I say, “Oh yeah, tell me about that.” So she says, “Because when I move it, it hurts and I don’t know what’s wrong with it.” Yes she was wiggling her toe while she was talking so it’s definitely not broken So I say, “Bri Bri if you are able to move it then chances are it’s not broken. Why don’t you elevate your foot on a few of your pillows tonight and if it still hurts in the morning, we will figure something out.”

Mommy, I think my arms broken!

While she’s leaving there is someone standing at the door. “Mommy??” “Yes Victoria, I think my arm is broken.” As she enters the room I can hear loud chaos coming from the boys room…..It sounds as if they are playing with their Star Wars Swords… I hear Brian’s voice in their room…..ok now back to the broken arm??? “Tori, you said that your arm is broken? Why do you feel that your arm is broken?” “Because when I was holding DJ (my godson and her god brother) I was using only one arm and when I put him down my arm just went flop and now I think it’s broken.” Hmmmm….as I get thinking on how to properly answer her, Brian enters the room, “Victoria why are you still up?” She tells him the story and he answers, “girl, your arm is not broken. Goodnight.” (Not really the way I would have handled it but that’s ok.) So, I tell her the same thing that I said to Sabrina, “If you are not feeling any better by tomorrow, we will figure something out. Now try and get some rest it’s WAY past your bedtime.”



monsterMonsters and Angels!

We are about to sink into sleep and we hear footsteps again. Guess what it is this time, “Mommy….” “Yes, Brenden, there’s a monster in my closet. “ “No Brenden, there are no monsters in your closet the only thing that’s in this house are people and angels.” “Daddy….” “Yes Brenden” “Come see.” And poor Brian is out of the bed and heading back down the hallway. He returns and just as we thought, NO monsters. Brenden’s closet door was open.

So, we are now both in bed and Brian, Jr. is giggling. Victoria is singing. Sabrina is laughing. Rachel is reading a book and this is supposed to be the bed time So enough is enough and I love being a mommy and wouldn’t trade my life for nothing in the world but my kids know when “I’m done.” So, I say in a calm but stern voice, “Kids good night.” Then I hear, “Goodnight, Mommy.”

Finally, it’s quiet. No giggling. No singing. No laughing. No reading of a book. We finally get a very well-deserved rest.

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