Mommy I Don’t Want To Go To Sleep!!

Bed time story 2Many parents find it hard to put their young kids to sleep. I have a hard time doing it as well. My kids always avoid going to the bed at night. Most kids feel going to bed is a punishment! If only there was a way to get through this without so much effort. Almost everyday I have to come up with a new story. One story ends and then another one, and the saga continues!

When I interact with other mothers, I do get to hear some funny stories. My kids can beat all of them hands down, when it comes to making up excuses to go to bed. Even if they are really tired, they don’t want to go to sleep. The minute my husband Brian says, okay babies it’s time to go to bed, all my kids rubbing their little red eyes don’t hesitate saying, I am not tired yet, I don’t want to go to sleep! Or try to talk us into playing games. After a working week day, these things are hard to put up with.

Children are much more active than we are. We may be tired but kids are packed with energy 24/7. They make a million excuses just to not go to bed! Here are some silly reasons my kids come up with.

Daddy you forgot to pray for me!

Last night Brian walked into the room after putting the kids to sleep. Soon after that Rachel follows him and says “Daddy you forgot to pray for me.” Brain replied saying, “I did pray for you Rachel.” Rachel then replied saying, “No, I mean you forgot to place the bless oil on my forehead WHILE you were praying for me.” You see children never forget things and they will do all that they can to squeeze an additional twenty minutes of life right out of you when it comes to bed time. So Brian leaves the room and goes back into Rachel’s room to redo the night time prayer but this time with the bless oil.


Mommy, I think my toe is broken!

While he’s away, comes Sabrina ”Mommy” “Yes Sabrina.” “I think my toe is broken.” I am now biting the inside of my cheek so that I won’t laugh and ruin all chances of her ever coming to me again…. with total composure I say, “Oh yeah, tell me about that.” So she says, “Because when I move it, it hurts and I don’t know what’s wrong with it.” Yes she was wiggling her toe while she was talking so it’s definitely not broken So I say, “Bri Bri if you are able to move it then chances are it’s not broken. Why don’t you elevate your foot on a few of your pillows tonight and if it still hurts in the morning, we will figure something out.”

Mommy, I think my arms broken!

While she’s leaving there is someone standing at the door. “Mommy??” “Yes Victoria, I think my arm is broken.” As she enters the room I can hear loud chaos coming from the boys room…..It sounds as if they are playing with their Star Wars Swords… I hear Brian’s voice in their room…..ok now back to the broken arm??? “Tori, you said that your arm is broken? Why do you feel that your arm is broken?” “Because when I was holding DJ (my godson and her god brother) I was using only one arm and when I put him down my arm just went flop and now I think it’s broken.” Hmmmm….as I get thinking on how to properly answer her, Brian enters the room, “Victoria why are you still up?” She tells him the story and he answers, “girl, your arm is not broken. Goodnight.” (Not really the way I would have handled it but that’s ok.) So, I tell her the same thing that I said to Sabrina, “If you are not feeling any better by tomorrow, we will figure something out. Now try and get some rest it’s WAY past your bedtime.”



monsterMonsters and Angels!

We are about to sink into sleep and we hear footsteps again. Guess what it is this time, “Mommy….” “Yes, Brenden, there’s a monster in my closet. “ “No Brenden, there are no monsters in your closet the only thing that’s in this house are people and angels.” “Daddy….” “Yes Brenden” “Come see.” And poor Brian is out of the bed and heading back down the hallway. He returns and just as we thought, NO monsters. Brenden’s closet door was open.

So, we are now both in bed and Brian, Jr. is giggling. Victoria is singing. Sabrina is laughing. Rachel is reading a book and this is supposed to be the bed time So enough is enough and I love being a mommy and wouldn’t trade my life for nothing in the world but my kids know when “I’m done.” So, I say in a calm but stern voice, “Kids good night.” Then I hear, “Goodnight, Mommy.”

Finally, it’s quiet. No giggling. No singing. No laughing. No reading of a book. We finally get a very well-deserved rest.

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How To Transform Dreams Into Reality!

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How an IDEA can change people’s lives

We all have dreams and ambitions. There is no limit for weaving aspirations, you can build as many hopes as possible and nurture them. Keep one thing in mind; it is important to choose the right path to fulfill your desires. What you need is a fruitful idea that you can implement and enjoy your success. Here is the success story of two girls who transformed their dreams to reality.

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10 Minutes of Life: My Son Braylon

Best Gift Ever
The little box…instead of leaving the hospital with my bundle of joy, I left the hospital with this….

 “Sometimes the smallest things, take away the most room in your heart”- Anonymous

Brian had his small group brotherhood meeting on this evening and he called me before he came home. Once he arrived home, I grabbed my robe and headed down the stairs to greet him.  As we sat on the couch and talked a small shadow flickered in the hallway, Ahhh! That was Brenden.  I wondered why he was yet awake. He came and sat next to us and when it was time to go upstairs some kind of way he managed to get on his Daddy’s shoulders and enjoyed a nice ride upstairs and into his bed.  As Brian and I were getting ready to jump in to the bed, we could hear the sound of someone’s footsteps in the hallway, it was Brenden again! So the next thing you know he’s in the middle of the bed, playing with my hands, whispering secrets to me….then….just as short as his whisper he fell asleep. As I looked at his innocent cute face, I wondered, how big my little one has now grown up.  He’s 5 years old now; time has just flown so quickly.  I truly heard the Lord say to me, “They are hurting.”

Over the years I have realized that writing is the best way to release your emotions. So, I decided to pen down my thoughts. I love to get inspiration from other bloggers, so visited a blog called An Inch of Gray by Anna.  As I was reading about her latest thrift shop find, I looked over and saw a post years ago about losing her son.  Then I heard the voice of the Lord again, “Help those that are hurting…moms, dads, families.”  Then I had my AHA moment, as Oprah always says I knew what was required of me.
Emotionally, this is the toughest blog post for me to write, but I would like to do it. Just to tell you all, how important it is to listen to your inner voice.

My Baby Braylon……

Joy of motherhood
His tiny imprints are fading away but he will never be forgotten

Children are not merely lives we create, but they are god’s real gifts given to us. Motherhood is an absolute blessing! I am lucky to have experienced it. A woman has many roles to fulfill in a lifetime and the role of a mother is an integral one. At first me and Brian had each other, then the kids came along. Now we have everything!

It was January 7, 2011 Yeah my Birthday! The day I will never forget. I decided to have my ultrasound. It was then time for some yummy breakfast! I opened the refrigerator to check what I have, so that I can quickly whip up something. Guess what I saw, a gorgeous diamond ring in the first compartment of the fridge. I was smiling like there was no tomorrow!  What a perfect day! My man just surprised me, kids are happy, I said to myself life is good, life is really good.

As we walked in to the ultrasound office, we were greeted by the staff and it’s quite nice when you know the techs and doctors by their first name. That’s one of the perks of having multiple children you see. It’s finally our turn and…….IT’s a BOY!! 3 Girls and now 3 BOYS! This is turning out to be the happiest day of my life.  The doctor says everything looks good but there is a small thinning area on my uterus that he noticed and would mention it to my OB but other than that we were all set to go!  I can’t wait to go to church this evening and tell EVERYONE that we are expecting and that it’s a BOY.  As I was getting dressed to go to the church I started feeling a little tug in my abdomen accompanied by pain.  Brian laid hands on me and prayed for me. My mind must be playing tricks on me. I have been completely fine during this pregnancy up until now.  I had no idea what was going on.

At church I remember the pain getting worse and when they called for announcements, I could barely stand up. Then I thought I will share the good news with them on Sunday. The entire Saturday I stayed in bed and off my feet and I felt a little better. I could not wait to tell the Saints about our little bundle of joy.  I woke up that morning and as soon as I got up that “tug” that I was feeling loosed accompanied with the most unbearable pain.  I dropped down to my knees and before I could reach the floor Brian was right there to hold me in his strong arms. By the time we arrived at the hospital the diagnosis was not good. Uterine Tear and I was on immediate hospital bed rest until Braylon was born. Baby Braylon needed to be nurtured for another 3 months, I was six months pregnant then. The next few months were really hard. The pain was so bad and I wasn’t allowed to take any pain killers because it could mask the full rupture. Also, the only time I got up was to actually use the bathroom, it’s actually the only time I was allowed to get up. At that point of time, I could do anything to save my child. Around the 6th or 7th day, it was time for my daily ultrasound.  I could finally see Braylon, but this time what I saw stayed in my mind forever. I saw the sheer horror on the ultrasound assistant’s face and I couldn’t believe what I was actually seeing on the screen. Half of my son’s body was going in and out of the womb.  The tear had increased in size and now I was bleeding internally.

I began to bargain with God…I will gladly give up my rings, house, cars,….ANYTHING to let this cup pass from me.

The prognosis was I need to have emergency surgery and Braylon was going to die. I remember screaming at the doctors with tears flowing down my face, “Don’t say that about my child. My child will live, don’t utter those words regarding my son. Take it back! Take it back!” I buried my face into Brian’s shirt and began to bite the inside of my cheek….I knew this was a terrible nightmare and I needed to wake up. WAKE UP JAYME! WAKE UP!! I know this is a dream…this couldn’t be happening….if I could just wake myself up…..why can’t I wake up???  Then I became so desperate that I began to bargain with God. I told Him if He would allow Braylon to live, I will give the diamond ring back, I would give my car away, my house, the money in the bank…..I would give every materialistic thing I owned on this earth…..But then I remembered my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who asked the Father to “let this cup pass from me but not thine will but let Your will be done.”  Jesus knew that being arrested, beaten all night long, going from place to place, being scourged to the point that his flesh was ripped off his back, carrying the cross, and then laying down his life was definitely not an easy task. He requested that “this cup” pass from Him.  He was hoping maybe it was another way but He was always willing to do whatever the will of the Father was. Sometimes my friend, we don’t get to choose what cup comes in front of us, the only thing we have control over is how we go through it.

He was born at 4:29pm on January 11, 2011

I am not sure when reality set in or if it ever did. I remember one of the doctors saying, “What would you like us to do with his body once he’s delivered.”  The words rang in my ears like a loud cymbal. It sounded all green and Latin to me…..I was in a place between reality and fiction.  I came through these doors with a living being in my body and now you are telling me that this beautiful living being that I can feel moving inside me is not coming home with me?? I remember my answer being, “Take him to his father and handle him with care.”  The next agonizing hours were me and Brian playing every moment.  You see, I was going to be under general anesthesia, though it was not my choice but they had no clue how much damage was done in my body so they refused to allow me to be in consciousness.  As you may know, with general anesthesia there are no visitors in the operating room so Brian was going to be in a separate room.  We held hands all the way to the operating room and then we were separated. It was time for both of us to face different paths alone….only God could help us. Brian and I decided to just believe God.  God can do anything and even if “He” decided not to spare Braylon’s life, it does not mean that “He” wasn’t able to……the fate of this was in the hands of a Loving God who never makes a mistake. It’s all up to Him now.

I heard someone calling my name…”Jayme…Jayme can you hear me? How are you feeling? Jayme.”  I felt no pain….could it be that this was all a terrible nightmare after all? I saw Brian, I had no pain, and I said…..”where is my baby?”  Then I looked into the eyes of my husband as if I could see his soul… shake of the head, no words, he just held my hands and gave me a loving yet sad smile.  I knew it really wasn’t some terrible nightmare. My baby…my precious son…that I just felt moving and kicking inside of me was gone….Then a nurse came through the doors with a tiny bassinet….one that I had seen some many times before and there was a baby all swaddled up a beautiful handmade blanket. He looked like an Angel just sleeping….my baby Braylon.

As the days, weeks, and months went by the pain began to heal.  For insurance purposes, they were requesting his birth certificate but for some reason it never came to the house. I went to the Vital Statistics office to retrieve it but what they handed me was not his birth certificate. They had accidentally handed me his death certificate. As I sat there and saw his name, weight, height, date of birth, but what stopped me was duration of life…..”10 minutes” My son lived 10 minutes and during those 10 minutes of life he was showered by love from his Daddy. Yes, Brian held him until he passed away.  What would you do if you only had 10 minutes of life remaining? What would you say?   When you only have 10 minutes many things seem insignificant yet we hold on to them so strongly.  Spend time with you loved ones every minute that you can. Always tell them that you love them and that you appreciate them; just don’t know when it will be the last 10 minutes that you have to say so.

It has been 3 years and our healing process has been slow and steady but God has always been faithful. God’s word states that, He will never put more on us than we can bear.  I would like to let other moms and dads, that have gone through a loss of a child, know that you are not alone. I am here for you and together we can life, cry, and share our beautiful memories of our little angels…..


In Great Faith,



You Are Created For Something Special!

Followyourpassion“And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” – Abraham Lincoln

Have you ever wondered, what is the purpose of your life? We are so busy fulfilling our duties, doing our job, achieving our short-term and long-terms goals that we forget we are all born for a reason. Present day lifestyle has turned us into machines that do their job, rest when required and get back to work again. We are forgetting that there is more to our life! This is especially true with women. Yes, women have all the freedom in the world but accompanied with that is also a big bunch of expectations.  However the situation is a lot different from what it used to be in 1848, when the women’s liberation movement in the US had just begun. Then, women were only restricted to the household affairs. Their family and kids were their world. Well, when it comes to family it is still the same. Career and financial decision making responsibilities now have also cottoned on to the already existing household responsibilities.

Follow Your Passion

There was a time, when I had to decide on taking up my hobby as a profession and start my own venture. I had to think hard before making such a crucial professional commitment. Do you know why? It is because I am a woman and children’s lives revolve around me. I mean the world to them. Despite several hurdles I went on to work towards my goals because I knew I wanted to change lives and make them realize that the world outside is waiting for them. I knew that there is definitely more to my life than simply doing a nine to five job and some back home cook, clean and sleep. I could figure out what I want in my life because I used to read other inspiring stories of people who went out of their way and truly lived their life!

Stuck In a Nine To Five Job?

Motivational SpeakerIf you are somebody who sits in an air conditioned office and works on your computer all day long, try to peep out of the window once in a while. Little sunshine can do some magic and help you realize what your true passion is. All of us develop a lot of hobbies as kids, but when we grow up we only choose those professions that will help us earn our living. “Rome was not built in a day”; similarly transforming your hobbies in to something substantial is not an easy task. You must understand that you are here for something special!

“A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve and not by the desire to beat others”- Ayn Rand

Bored Of Daily Household Chores?

You are here for something specialAre you a housewife and you spend your entire day doing daily chores? I want to tell you that I was once just like you. Sheer determination and belief that I can change things for myself brought me here. Taking care of your family is the most beautiful thing to do, but you have an identity of your own. You only have to look for it! Insight is a vital aspect of this exercise, look into yourself, and ask yourself how you want to spend your day. Recognize yourself; I am sure you will find someone really special.

Achieving goals is important but being happy is also important. So, never compromise with your happiness. Do let us know what your passions and hobbies are? Tell us what keeps you going in life. Please share all your thoughts here 







Pick one!! But pick wisely: Why It Is Important to Choose the Right Mentor

How to pick the right mentor_Jayme WashingtonThis advice could apply to a lot of things but I’m talking about your mentor. We all have them, whether we know it or not, but choosing the right mentor can bring a sea of positive change in your life.

A personal observation of mine- Movie stars rise and fall every day. They rise primarily because the companies they are working with need to attract more people so they make heroes out of the latest top producer who moves up the ranks. This is a good test for that person to see if they are ready for the next level or not. Hopefully, they stay focused on doing the things that took them up the ranks to start with and not get distracted by the fame.

Study The Mentor’s Personality

Now you get curious about how they are doing to build their business. After you attend their talk once at the company you work for may be. Now you start following them and their advice carefully.

It’s important to really look into what a mentor is all about before you dive in 100% because, while they may have some business success, they may have sacrificed their family to get it and do you really want that?

17662579_sLook At the Whole Picture

Study the mentor’s teachings carefully. Try to contemplate if it is practical to follow their advice. Sometimes, it is great to lend your ears to great talks, but to follow may be difficult!

Are They Walking Their Talk?

“Preach what you practice”. Observe if they are still applying the principles they are teaching in all areas.

Is The Mentor Constantly Growing?

It is important to flow with the water. Have they gone through some tough times and come out on the other side better for it? Is your mentor still learning and growing?

Once you have found the person who has what you want in your life it is now time to focus on their lessons. Follow them closely for a while and block out the rest of the noise. So often I see people in our industry jumping from one “guru” to the next based on a Facebook post or some small concept that they promote. Each day is guided by a different good sounding phrase and they get off track. Pick one, but pick wisely.

It is good to learn from others as well, but make sure you don’t get confused by the teachings of different people, as every mentor is different.

I have known Dani Johnson for 10 years now and she has had her tough times and come out better for it. She does apply her talk to her walk in all areas. She has been successful in all areas of her life. Is she perfect? No, of course not, nobody is; but her consistency, her openness and her willingness to teach are some of the reasons why I have chosen her, and her husband Hans, as my mentor.  Yes, I have learned important things from other people but when I look back on the last 10 years I’d have to say that Dani has been a hugely important influence on my life and my family’s life. Go here right now to discover the right mentor for you.

So, I invite you to dig into the information that Dani has to offer through Smarter Networker and her live events. Apply the principles to your business and to other areas of your life and see what happens. I think you will love the results! I have a Freebie for you as well.

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