6 GREAT Tax Deductions that You May Not Know About


Are you claiming and receiving deductions on your taxes? Are you making money and working from? If you are then this post is for you!! Below you will find a list of items that are usually  considered tax deductible. Make sure you keep receipts for anything you purchase relative to your home business. Should you get audited you will want to ensure you have proof to back up any of the items you are attempting to use as a deduction. Just FYI the IRS usually looks more heavily at home based business so make sure you have your ducks in a row. Also, you may want to invest in a scanner if you don’t already have one. You can scan your receipts and Volia! you are done.

#1  Internet and Hosting Expenses

It costs money to run a website and these expenses might be tax deductible for you! Your internet service, web hosting fees and your domain registration are some of the expenses that might quality for a deduction. Be sure to keep track of your hosting, internet and domain registration fees so that you can talk to your tax professional about what qualifies and what doesn’t.

#2  Conference and Other Travel

Have you traveled to a conference recently? If so you might be able to write off your conference ticket, hotel and any other travel costs associated with your trip. If your conference was paid for by a brand then it might not be considered tax deductible. Your accountant should be able to go over the details of your conference and let you know what percentage of your trip can be considered a write off.


#3  Advertising

Did you pay for advertising?  Advertising could be paying to have your  business listed on someone else’s website, to purchase postcards from VistaPrint. Did you pay Facebook or Google this year to promote your site? If so, this is an advertising cost.  Please go to your online accounts with Facebook or Google Ad Words and look at the account history.  Print it off and use it as a receipt. If you have done ANY sort of advertising you will need to bring this up with your CPA, or whomever prepares your taxes. These items are considered tax deductible in most states.

#4  Design and Maintenance

Maintaining your home based business can be extremely expensive! You might pay someone to do the maintenance on your website, maybe you paid to rent a conference room, you may have even paid your kids to CLEAN the house before your home party. Either way these are expenses related to your home based business and will probably count as a deduction. The same goes with any design work you have done to your website, product delivery, and etc. You may also have a Virtual Assistant or Part Time Independent Contractor that helps you. Hiring, buying, stocking, subscribing, and etc. are all expenses. So KEEP track.

#5  Supplies

If you are purchasing computer equipment, business cards or office supplies make sure you are saving your receipts. Any type of office supply might be considered tax deductible.

#6  Home Office Space Deduction

If you have a home office in your home you might be able to get even more deductions based on the square footage of your office and home.  You will be able to use the square footage of your home, the utilities for that space, and other little perks.  You work hard and deserve the deductions! Enjoy the extra refund!

In Great Faith and Love,


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How to Get More Web Traffic= More Leads=More Money


I get this question all the time….how do I get leads? We all know that you can have the best product in the whole wide world BUT if NO ONE knows about it, you will go OUT of business.
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In Great Faith, 


What Michael Jordan Knew About Success and How You Can Achieve It!

Have you ever wondered why some people are successful and others are not? Some believe it’s because they just got lucky, or because they have the right background or the right opportunities. But the reality is, it has nothing to do with your personality, where you grew up, how educated you are, or whether your family is successful or not.

You cannot sit there and tell me that people are successful because of their background or personality, because there are millionaires and billionaires who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, in the wrong families, surrounded by the wrong people, who didn’t go to college, and some even dropped out of high school! The only difference is how they choose to live their lives. They made a decision and followed it through with action.

My coach and mentor Dani Johnson said, “You can make a decision and take action on that decision, or you can sit there like 98% of the population and say, It’s too hard to make money!….It’s too hard to build a successful business!…It’s too hard to get a promotion!”

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Michael Jordan

It’s a fantasy to think that you are going to become wealthy overnight or build a successful business in 1 day. Unfortunately, that’s what a lot of people expect. They have this idea that they can do absolutely nothing and go straight for the part where they are making tons of money and having success. My husband Brian said once that some people say they are believing God for a new job but they DO NOTHING. They don’t look at the paper to see who’s hiring, they don’t search the internet, they don’t even submit a JOB application to the jobs that they DO see!!! Craziness!!

We are are born to succeed but it is up to us to find the tool needed to equip us to succeed. My friend, Vick, definitely found the tools. He reminds me of Michael Jordan. He failed so many time at internet marketing and traditional business but NEVER GAVE UP!! He went on to make $710,000 in 28 days by having the tools necessary to build a successful business.

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In Great Faith,


War on Debt! It’s time to live Financially FREE!!

I came across an article a couple months ago that was really interesting to me. According to the Wall Street Journal, a lot of people would much rather struggle to pay off a large credit card bill laterthan to admit that they simply should not buy whatever it is that they’re tempted to buy. In fact, the author of this article wrote, “Feelings of shame or embarrassment are just some of the reasons folks just won’t say no to spending.”

That seems very sad and unfortunate to me. Just think about it… People are so afraid of what other people will think of them, or even afraid to admit to themselves that it wouldn’t be wise for them to buy something, that they will pull out a credit card and charge it. They would rather choose instant gratification with long-term debt, long-term shame and stress instead of choosing to make wise financial decisions now and eliminating the stress and shame that debt brings. That is a big fat ego, if I ever saw one!

Here’s the bottom line… Our society is full of pressure to spend more money, regardless of your financial needs or limitations. The pressure to spend more money leads to more debt, which leads to more stress, more anxiety, and even more financial problems. Don’t you see the cycle here?

It’s time to BREAK that cycle!

We have been sold an illusion of happiness that involves having the best stuff or the most stuff. This illusion requires us to keep up with the Jones’ and buy, buy, buy, more, more, more. But that is not real happiness! That is total bondage!

To Your Success!


Jayme 🙂

Seven Keys to Success (Part 1 of 5)

Tired of Being Broke Spiritually and Financially?

* Worried about how you’re going to pay this month’s bills?

* Living a life that seems to be going in circles?

* Wanting to give to charities but not having the money to do it?

* Worried about how your kids are going to turn out?

* Feeling that you’re missing out on living a Spirit-filled abundant life?

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In this video you will discover . . .

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To your success,

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Seven Keys to Success (Part 2 of 5)

Have you ever wondered how some have favor and others don’t? What is favor? Is there a difference between Bondage and Captivity?

Tip #1: Bondage and Captivity are both discipline for disobedience.

My mentor and coach, Dani Johnson will answer a few questions that will help you to stay Out of bondage and captivity……and prosper where you are planted.

If you are:

* Tired of Being Broke Spiritually and Financially?

* Worried about how you’re going to pay this month’s bills?

* Living a life that seems to be going in circles?

* Wanting to give to charities but not having the money to do it?

* Worried about how your kids are going to turn out?

* Feeling that you’re missing out on living a Spirit-filled abundant life?

Then You Need To Watch This Video . . .

You will learn:

* How to experience the joy of being free from stress and self-sabotage

* Strategies that deliver the perfect balance between career and family

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In Great Faith,


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Never Call Another Lead Again!


In this competitive era, time is money, it is really important to invest time in doing the right set of things. Cold calling is not an easy thing to do. Most businesses solely depend on the ability of their sales force to generate customers. The present day economy is a maze! Getting new customers can be quite a tricky affair.

Calling up strangers and convincing them to buy your product or service can be a herculean task; it requires one to be pretty thick skinned. 

Additionally in order to put a sales pitch in place, there is a lot of effort that goes into crafting a good script. Amidst all of this, where is the time and energy left to focus on business development? The present day salesmen and entrepreneurs need a one stop solution to build their clientele and achieve higher profits. We would like to introduce you to Myphoneroom.com. This tool is a magic wand to increasing your profits three times more without calling even a single prospect! Yes, this is possible.

Want to know how?

Your prospects will be immediately contacted by the personal appointment setter working on your account right at the time when your prospective customer is at your website. All you have to do is visit  Take me here and fill in the details of your organization. The staff put to work at myphoneroom.com is an award-winning one. By signing up with this service you will be able to monitor, track and see the status of your customer base. It also makes sponsoring new reps easy because your prospects will respect you as a successful leader because you are being introduced through a professional phone staff!

My phoneroom.com provides live support to your business in the most productive and organized manner. The staff sorts prospects in to serious and not so serious and qualify real-time leads. You do not have to worry about dealing with large number of data and cold calling each one to confirm whether they qualify as leads or not.  You also can put your feet up and relax when it comes to following up with your customers. Post cards and DVD’s will be e-mailed to prospective customers and even reminder phone calls will be arranged on your behalf. This company is truly a one stop solution for all multimedia marketing strategies. What is amazing is that you will be able to try it for free here for a limited time.

Do you spend a lot of time qualifying your leads and need to concentrate more on business development? Opt for Myphoneroom.com and live life on your own terms! Get a deeper insight into My Phoneroom. com by viewing this video.