You Are Created For Something Special!

Followyourpassion“And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” – Abraham Lincoln

Have you ever wondered, what is the purpose of your life? We are so busy fulfilling our duties, doing our job, achieving our short-term and long-terms goals that we forget we are all born for a reason. Present day lifestyle has turned us into machines that do their job, rest when required and get back to work again. We are forgetting that there is more to our life! This is especially true with women. Yes, women have all the freedom in the world but accompanied with that is also a big bunch of expectations.  However the situation is a lot different from what it used to be in 1848, when the women’s liberation movement in the US had just begun. Then, women were only restricted to the household affairs. Their family and kids were their world. Well, when it comes to family it is still the same. Career and financial decision making responsibilities now have also cottoned on to the already existing household responsibilities.

Follow Your Passion

There was a time, when I had to decide on taking up my hobby as a profession and start my own venture. I had to think hard before making such a crucial professional commitment. Do you know why? It is because I am a woman and children’s lives revolve around me. I mean the world to them. Despite several hurdles I went on to work towards my goals because I knew I wanted to change lives and make them realize that the world outside is waiting for them. I knew that there is definitely more to my life than simply doing a nine to five job and some back home cook, clean and sleep. I could figure out what I want in my life because I used to read other inspiring stories of people who went out of their way and truly lived their life!

Stuck In a Nine To Five Job?

Motivational SpeakerIf you are somebody who sits in an air conditioned office and works on your computer all day long, try to peep out of the window once in a while. Little sunshine can do some magic and help you realize what your true passion is. All of us develop a lot of hobbies as kids, but when we grow up we only choose those professions that will help us earn our living. “Rome was not built in a day”; similarly transforming your hobbies in to something substantial is not an easy task. You must understand that you are here for something special!

“A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve and not by the desire to beat others”- Ayn Rand

Bored Of Daily Household Chores?

You are here for something specialAre you a housewife and you spend your entire day doing daily chores? I want to tell you that I was once just like you. Sheer determination and belief that I can change things for myself brought me here. Taking care of your family is the most beautiful thing to do, but you have an identity of your own. You only have to look for it! Insight is a vital aspect of this exercise, look into yourself, and ask yourself how you want to spend your day. Recognize yourself; I am sure you will find someone really special.

Achieving goals is important but being happy is also important. So, never compromise with your happiness. Do let us know what your passions and hobbies are? Tell us what keeps you going in life. Please share all your thoughts here 








Pick one!! But pick wisely: Why It Is Important to Choose the Right Mentor

How to pick the right mentor_Jayme WashingtonThis advice could apply to a lot of things but I’m talking about your mentor. We all have them, whether we know it or not, but choosing the right mentor can bring a sea of positive change in your life.

A personal observation of mine- Movie stars rise and fall every day. They rise primarily because the companies they are working with need to attract more people so they make heroes out of the latest top producer who moves up the ranks. This is a good test for that person to see if they are ready for the next level or not. Hopefully, they stay focused on doing the things that took them up the ranks to start with and not get distracted by the fame.

Study The Mentor’s Personality

Now you get curious about how they are doing to build their business. After you attend their talk once at the company you work for may be. Now you start following them and their advice carefully.

It’s important to really look into what a mentor is all about before you dive in 100% because, while they may have some business success, they may have sacrificed their family to get it and do you really want that?

17662579_sLook At the Whole Picture

Study the mentor’s teachings carefully. Try to contemplate if it is practical to follow their advice. Sometimes, it is great to lend your ears to great talks, but to follow may be difficult!

Are They Walking Their Talk?

“Preach what you practice”. Observe if they are still applying the principles they are teaching in all areas.

Is The Mentor Constantly Growing?

It is important to flow with the water. Have they gone through some tough times and come out on the other side better for it? Is your mentor still learning and growing?

Once you have found the person who has what you want in your life it is now time to focus on their lessons. Follow them closely for a while and block out the rest of the noise. So often I see people in our industry jumping from one “guru” to the next based on a Facebook post or some small concept that they promote. Each day is guided by a different good sounding phrase and they get off track. Pick one, but pick wisely.

It is good to learn from others as well, but make sure you don’t get confused by the teachings of different people, as every mentor is different.

I have known Dani Johnson for 10 years now and she has had her tough times and come out better for it. She does apply her talk to her walk in all areas. She has been successful in all areas of her life. Is she perfect? No, of course not, nobody is; but her consistency, her openness and her willingness to teach are some of the reasons why I have chosen her, and her husband Hans, as my mentor.  Yes, I have learned important things from other people but when I look back on the last 10 years I’d have to say that Dani has been a hugely important influence on my life and my family’s life. Go here right now to discover the right mentor for you.

So, I invite you to dig into the information that Dani has to offer through Smarter Networker and her live events. Apply the principles to your business and to other areas of your life and see what happens. I think you will love the results! I have a Freebie for you as well.

A Refreshing Boot Camp Awaits You

Dani is having a 30 day boot camp and to all my listeners and readers, I have a special code that you can join the 30 day Business Boot Camp for FREE.  Go NOW! because I am not sure how long it will be free.  I paid thousands of dollars for what she is now offering you for free. Amazing!!! This is the best way to see what she has to offer.

Get Paid What You are Worth: The Empower Network System Pays 100% commission.

Systematic life_jaymewashington_washtoneperformingartsIt is important to have a system in place, in order to lead a disciplined and successful life. Using systems in your daily routine makes your life a better place to live in. Try to declutter your home by organizing spaces once in a while, your will realize that life is much simpler and there is less stress. Procrastination always makes things worse, so it is best to nail down a to do list on a daily basis and get things done on time.

Systems are an integral part of my life, I make use of them on an everyday basis to organize my personal and professional life.

For example, just this morning I wrote 2 lists: 1. For my children so they would know what their jurisdiction were going to be on today and the second list was the next day’s schedule. Before I went to bed last night, I wrote my staff and gave them all specific things to accomplish for the next day. When I woke this morning, I didn’t wake up with my phone ringing off the hook, iPhone chiming with text messages, and all the other craziness can happen as soon as a business owner wakes up, I woke up in peace. I had my morning time with Jesus Christ, fed my children their breakfast, everyone got dressed, playtime, summer reading time, and now I have so much time left for me to pen down my thoughts!

Systems are why I am able to keep my priorities in a proper order: God, Family, Church, and Business. This is my system, what is your’s? It’s time to start organizing your activities for better results in your personal and professional life.

Today, I want to talk about one of the systems I use that allows me to leverage my time and PAYS ME 100% YES 100% Commission. If I am doing the work….why not give it ALL to me. So here are a  few things that I would like to share with you.

Empower Networks Comp Plan was built with two goals:
1. To help you make more money in your existing business, by giving you tools, training, coaching, and systems that work with your personality to help you get results, reduce costs, and live a more empowered life.

2. To help provide you with a way to create leveraged affiliate income from marketing our systems, tools, and trainings to help people in the Direct Sales, Network Marketing, and online marketing niche succeed more in their business. To do this, we have created a system that distribute earnings on a potential of 100% commissions on the total purchase price of the product being sold, for all of our core product line.

With that said, let us get right down to the “meat and potatoes” of the Empower Network Compensation Plan:

First of all becoming an Empower Network affiliate is optional.

• You cannot make money from recruiting affiliates only. Commissions are ONLY generated from the sale of our marketing systems, education, and training tools that serve our niche.
• If someone registers through your affiliate link as an affiliate, but does not purchase a product, there will be NO commission generated.
• Commissions are only generated by selling products, and customers can choose optionally weather or not they want to activate the empower network affiliate account.
• Each product has its own 100% affiliate compensation plan
• The empower network compensation plan pays out 100% commissions on products and some are monthly and some are one time.
I invite you to take a look at this video and tell me what you? I will be sharing more in depth details about Empower Network and how I use it in my business.

Living WIthout Fear


Do you have dreams and goals?  There are some people that are called to teach, act, speak, motivate, sing, act. Or maybe you want to be a business owner…….Maybe your dream seems small to you – maybe you want to be a mother or a father.

Whatever you feel called to do or be, you face one big obstacle: intimidation.  A lot of people have accomplished your dream BEFORE you, and maybe you feel they’ve done it better. So what you feel is basically just fear, right? I’m not good enough or smart enough, no one will like me. I have nothing to offer to this industry. Or on the flipside, you KNOW you have something to offer but you fear not having the tools or knowledge to get it done.

Achieving the life of your dreams isn’t something that happens overnight. You don’t just decide you’re going to be the best at something and wake up the next morning with the influence and skills to accomplish your goals. But today, I want you to encourage you to keep your dreams and I want to help you.  I will be giving you 5 VERY IMPORTANT steps that I have used to succeed and they WILL help you. Stay tuned NEXT week and share the post. We are taking “Fear” by his nasty little horns and throwing him down in the name of Jesus! It’s going to be a great week!

With Great Love and Faith,


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Faith OVERCOMES Fear so Have Faith!


We have all let fear stop us at some point in our lives, whether it’s the deep fear I talked about at the beginning of this letter, where your heart beats fast and your breathing gets shallow, or just a nagging thought in the back of your mind.

The bottom line is, as a man thinks, so is he. If you let fear continue to speak to you, you will focus on those thoughts. And what you think, you speak; what you speak, you believe; and what you believe, you will receive.

Every child is born with an adventurous, risk-taking spirit. Every child is born with enthusiasm, faith, and persistence. But fear destroys all of those things.

So starve your fear, and choose to feed your faith instead! Feed the faith that says, “I can do this!” and “I will succeed!” Choose belief over doubt, worry, and anxiety. Choose action over procrastination, because action kills fear! Faith overcomes fear!

In Great Love and Faith,


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People Skills


How good are your people skills? Whether you are out in the corporate jungle managing your team or you are at home looking after your family, people skills are a must in today’s world. My mentor Dani Johnson, a splendid communicator, helped me ponder over the different facets of communication.  I would love to share some of them with you.

Over the past decade, communication has undergone a paradigm shift. Once, it used to be all about meeting friends and family for dinner or coffee. These meet ups, picnics or ball games encouraged us to bond with each other and develop relationships. In a way, it helped us strengthen the social fabric of our society. On the contrary, do you see what has happened now? Personal face-to-face interactions have now been replaced with chains of e-mails, strings of text messages and a slew of likes and comments on social media platforms.

It is naïve to think that emoticons and terse texts convey the complete message. The light touch on the shoulder, the twinkle in the eye, the silent chuckle or a plain hug has no online equivalents.


The growth of online communities has created a bubble and people have become more secluded than they ever were. It is a paradox as to how we think that the world is coming closer with technology whereas in reality, we are moving away from each other along the human dimension. Once upon a time, every American household had a landline. Let us fast forward ten years and less than 50% of American households do! The other day, I happened to see one at my neighbor’s residence. My friend who came along with me looked at it as a quaint Roman relic. Mobile phones have stolen a lot of our attention. It has become a common sight to see people glued to their cell phone screens. It is now imperative to ask ourselves if we value the touch screen more than the human touch.

Let us put the human factor back in our relationships and ‘people’ back into people skills with Dani Johnson. Visit her website and rediscover some invaluable nuggets of advice for free! Here is a direct link to her website.

While we put in effort to bond with people in a real way, let us not stay outdated and forget to quickly tell people to do the same. I invite you to “like”, “tweet” and share this message with all your friends and family. Also, tell me what your favorite form of communication is.

Don’t stop there! Make sure that you connect with your loved ones and continue this discussion over a hot cup of coffee on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

In Great Faith,


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Do You Know HOW to communicate???


Regardless of how our forms of communication may change, some things will always be needed! When you hang around certain people, you will begin to “pick up” their ways. So, if you surround yourself with millionaire people skills, you have started WAY ahead of others.

The young people of this generation a WAY ahead of us when it comes to spreading a message to the masses.  Doing the WORK one time and receiving results instantly.  For example, up in Beverly, MA a teenager was arrested for disturbing the peace. He needed $40 of bail money.  What does he do?  Instead of calling his parents, he POSTS what he needs on Facebook.  Guess what? It worked! Not long after, a friend showed up at the station to post his bail and take him home. Our communication has become so reliant on digital technology, and not face-to-face human interactions, most people avoid actually dealing with a live human at all costs!

It is crazy and mind boggling to see how much it has all changed. Most people wonder what this means for our society. The problem with a lack of face to face, is it dehumanizes social interaction.  It takes the “human” factor out of talking to a human!

Of over 18,000 teens polled, 90% admitted technology makes life easier, but about 60% said that people rely on it too much and it can be dehumanizing.

In fact this fear of dehumanizing our society has become such a threat, there is a new wave of empathy-geared games. These games are focused on teaching children about empathy, as they wouldn’t normally recognize it. Wow, can you imagine that?

As our ever-changing society evolves in its different forms of communication, recognize that you are in total control of your communications and that of your kids. You don’t have to invest in empathy-themed games to equip your child to be an influential and skilled people-person. Your family does not have to be victim or fear the dehumanization of everything!Click HERE NOW, to listen a Free Video that will help you to equip yourself and your children for success “the human way.”

Despite whatever social media, technology or changes continue to occur in communications in our world — you as a parent are the one responsible for what goes in your household! Isn’t it time to put actual PEOPLE back into “people skills” and arm yourself — and your family — with those timeless communication tools, regardless of the medium, that can make you true masters of your “domain!”

While we want to see more human interaction, we also understand the online realities of today, so I invite you to “Like,” “Tweet” and share today’s message. But don’t stop there, start the conversation face-to-face today with your friends, coworkers and family. And, don’t forget to let me know your favorite form of communication!

With Love,


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