Pick one!! But pick wisely: Why It Is Important to Choose the Right Mentor

How to pick the right mentor_Jayme WashingtonThis advice could apply to a lot of things but I’m talking about your mentor. We all have them, whether we know it or not, but choosing the right mentor can bring a sea of positive change in your life.

A personal observation of mine- Movie stars rise and fall every day. They rise primarily because the companies they are working with need to attract more people so they make heroes out of the latest top producer who moves up the ranks. This is a good test for that person to see if they are ready for the next level or not. Hopefully, they stay focused on doing the things that took them up the ranks to start with and not get distracted by the fame.

Study The Mentor’s Personality

Now you get curious about how they are doing to build their business. After you attend their talk once at the company you work for may be. Now you start following them and their advice carefully.

It’s important to really look into what a mentor is all about before you dive in 100% because, while they may have some business success, they may have sacrificed their family to get it and do you really want that?

17662579_sLook At the Whole Picture

Study the mentor’s teachings carefully. Try to contemplate if it is practical to follow their advice. Sometimes, it is great to lend your ears to great talks, but to follow may be difficult!

Are They Walking Their Talk?

“Preach what you practice”. Observe if they are still applying the principles they are teaching in all areas.

Is The Mentor Constantly Growing?

It is important to flow with the water. Have they gone through some tough times and come out on the other side better for it? Is your mentor still learning and growing?

Once you have found the person who has what you want in your life it is now time to focus on their lessons. Follow them closely for a while and block out the rest of the noise. So often I see people in our industry jumping from one “guru” to the next based on a Facebook post or some small concept that they promote. Each day is guided by a different good sounding phrase and they get off track. Pick one, but pick wisely.

It is good to learn from others as well, but make sure you don’t get confused by the teachings of different people, as every mentor is different.

I have known Dani Johnson for 10 years now and she has had her tough times and come out better for it. She does apply her talk to her walk in all areas. She has been successful in all areas of her life. Is she perfect? No, of course not, nobody is; but her consistency, her openness and her willingness to teach are some of the reasons why I have chosen her, and her husband Hans, as my mentor.  Yes, I have learned important things from other people but when I look back on the last 10 years I’d have to say that Dani has been a hugely important influence on my life and my family’s life. Go here right now to discover the right mentor for you.

So, I invite you to dig into the information that Dani has to offer through Smarter Networker and her live events. Apply the principles to your business and to other areas of your life and see what happens. I think you will love the results! I have a Freebie for you as well.

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