Pick one!! But pick wisely: Why It Is Important to Choose the Right Mentor

How to pick the right mentor_Jayme WashingtonThis advice could apply to a lot of things but I’m talking about your mentor. We all have them, whether we know it or not, but choosing the right mentor can bring a sea of positive change in your life.

A personal observation of mine- Movie stars rise and fall every day. They rise primarily because the companies they are working with need to attract more people so they make heroes out of the latest top producer who moves up the ranks. This is a good test for that person to see if they are ready for the next level or not. Hopefully, they stay focused on doing the things that took them up the ranks to start with and not get distracted by the fame.

Study The Mentor’s Personality

Now you get curious about how they are doing to build their business. After you attend their talk once at the company you work for may be. Now you start following them and their advice carefully.

It’s important to really look into what a mentor is all about before you dive in 100% because, while they may have some business success, they may have sacrificed their family to get it and do you really want that?

17662579_sLook At the Whole Picture

Study the mentor’s teachings carefully. Try to contemplate if it is practical to follow their advice. Sometimes, it is great to lend your ears to great talks, but to follow may be difficult!

Are They Walking Their Talk?

“Preach what you practice”. Observe if they are still applying the principles they are teaching in all areas.

Is The Mentor Constantly Growing?

It is important to flow with the water. Have they gone through some tough times and come out on the other side better for it? Is your mentor still learning and growing?

Once you have found the person who has what you want in your life it is now time to focus on their lessons. Follow them closely for a while and block out the rest of the noise. So often I see people in our industry jumping from one “guru” to the next based on a Facebook post or some small concept that they promote. Each day is guided by a different good sounding phrase and they get off track. Pick one, but pick wisely.

It is good to learn from others as well, but make sure you don’t get confused by the teachings of different people, as every mentor is different.

I have known Dani Johnson for 10 years now and she has had her tough times and come out better for it. She does apply her talk to her walk in all areas. She has been successful in all areas of her life. Is she perfect? No, of course not, nobody is; but her consistency, her openness and her willingness to teach are some of the reasons why I have chosen her, and her husband Hans, as my mentor.  Yes, I have learned important things from other people but when I look back on the last 10 years I’d have to say that Dani has been a hugely important influence on my life and my family’s life. Go here right now to discover the right mentor for you.

So, I invite you to dig into the information that Dani has to offer through Smarter Networker and her live events. Apply the principles to your business and to other areas of your life and see what happens. I think you will love the results! I have a Freebie for you as well.

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Seven Keys to Success (Part 1 of 5)

Tired of Being Broke Spiritually and Financially?

* Worried about how you’re going to pay this month’s bills?

* Living a life that seems to be going in circles?

* Wanting to give to charities but not having the money to do it?

* Worried about how your kids are going to turn out?

* Feeling that you’re missing out on living a Spirit-filled abundant life?

Then You Need To Watch This Video . . .

In this video you will discover . . .

* How to experience the joy of being free from stress and self-sabotage

* Strategies that deliver the perfect balance between career and family

My mentor and coach, Dani Johnson,  shares this RARE video Series to the public for the first time! If I were you I would take plenty of notes! It will truly bless your soul!

To your success,

Jayme 🙂

Seven Keys to Success (Part 2 of 5)

Have you ever wondered how some have favor and others don’t? What is favor? Is there a difference between Bondage and Captivity?

Tip #1: Bondage and Captivity are both discipline for disobedience.

My mentor and coach, Dani Johnson will answer a few questions that will help you to stay Out of bondage and captivity……and prosper where you are planted.

If you are:

* Tired of Being Broke Spiritually and Financially?

* Worried about how you’re going to pay this month’s bills?

* Living a life that seems to be going in circles?

* Wanting to give to charities but not having the money to do it?

* Worried about how your kids are going to turn out?

* Feeling that you’re missing out on living a Spirit-filled abundant life?

Then You Need To Watch This Video . . .

You will learn:

* How to experience the joy of being free from stress and self-sabotage

* Strategies that deliver the perfect balance between career and family

Are you ready to put these Time Tested Biblical Secrets to work for you? Then Grab and Pen and a Piece of Paper and Watch this VIDEO!!!

In Great Faith,


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Three Mantras That Will Make or Break Your Career: Basics, People Skills and Personal Growth


There comes a time when you need to get an insight in to yourself. We are all baffled and find it harder to make choices. Do I really want to make it happen or procrastinate for the rest of my life? Is business going to be my career or simply take it up as a hobby?

Read on to know more about attaining vital basics, people skills and personal growth!

For instance, Imagine that a person is facing a life threatening situation and they are in the emergency room of a hospital how would they feel if the doctor showed up and said, “You know I am giving this my best shot, I graduated last year and well I work this position as a Doctor in the ER as often as I can, when my kids are acting right and my wife isn’t nagging me, so here we go! I’ll do the best I can!”  Most people would be rolling off the table and running out of there, and if they couldn’t run they’d be elbowing it army style as quickly as they could. Yet that is what people say everyday in their home based business and for some odd reason, they believe these excuses work.

I have always believed excuses to be nothing more than well planned lies.

When I was first developing my home based business I was taught three important truths that would make or break me. These three tools can separate someone who makes $10.00 per month from someone who makes $10,000 per month. In training and coaching people during the last 17 years I have noticed how important these same issues are. They are the dividing line between someone succeeding and someone failing, period, end of story.

Basics, People Skills and Personal Growth- These Dictate Your Income

Basics- This is when you pick up the phone and talk to someone. You hand out flyers and give out your business card. These are the basics. If you don’t do the basics you don’t have a business.

People Skills- This influences who you will talk to and who you will avoid. Your people skills dictate what happens when you are in conflict with a team member or a prospect. Will you stomp your feet and quit or will you do what it takes to get along with people, even those you don’t agree with? People skills affect your paycheck greatly.

Personal Growth- This is where the rubber hits the road. No one has ever made it to 6-figures and above without dealing with their personal growth.  Your personal growth has everything to do with your paycheck. Avoid personal growth training and issues and you will never make it to the level of a pro.

This last issue I must address emphatically. You must be wondering why? The reason is, your level of personal growth dictates if you will work even when you don’t feel like it. Personal growth has a lot to do with whether or not circumstances dictate your hours of business. (You know, I work 2 hours on Monday, I work 4 on Tuesday, I don’t like to work on Wednesday because of School Work/Homework with my kids and Bible Class, I work on Thursday if I can fit it in and I try to work on Friday mornings). Hours of business need to be consistent with the word business. A grocery story would never dream of being open in this sporadic way- can you imagine if you needed diapers on the day the store owner ‘didn’t feel like coming in’!?

There are going to be times in your business when you just have to ask yourself, “Am I going to do this or not? Am I going to the top or am I not? Will I do whatever it takes to succeed or not?” Ironically these are the same questions that a doctor must ask himself before he goes into Med School. If he were to show up for school or on his 24 hours shift assignment when he feels like it he would soon be thrown out of Med School!  Yet everyday, people who call themselves home business owners, operate in this exact same way- they work when they can fit it in, when they feel like it, when the moon, stars and the universe line up. Sadly, they can’t figure out why they don’t have a paycheck. Small wonder, not one business on the planet could prosper with that mindset.

It’s important to address these three issues if you are going to succeed in this business you are in.  Make sure you are doing the basics everyday. Get training and build your people skills. Lastly, work on your personal growth every day, every year.

Let me tell you about one of my clients, his name is John. When he first came to coach with me he was homeless, with 4 kids, living with his wife and his children at a relative’s house. I told him what I just told you – decide when you are working, treat this like a career, make the decision right now to never be homeless again and let’s get to work. He made that decision and made 6-figures his first year in business. Thank God he made that decision, his children and his wife were so proud of him and they were depending on him!  When John got on the phone and did prospecting, when John held a business presentation he didn’t take into consideration if he felt like it or not, he didn’t take into consideration if this was a good day for his kids, his wife, himself- he went to work. He worked his home based business like a career and it paid him like one, to the tune of 6-figures!

Now I know you didn’t get started in your business venture to fail, and you didn’t get started in this business to be miserable. So you have one thing you must do right now. Make the decision right now to work your business as a career and I promise you, the results will shock you! Follow the three mantras to excel in whichever career you take up!