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“The starting point of all achievement is desire.”
– Napoleon Hill

We all aspire to live a better life, go on luxury vacations, eat great food and give our family the life they want. The question is, how many of us actually take relevant steps to make it happen? Dreaming is a vital part of achieving our goals, but it is not enough. One needs to put in efforts to turn their dreams into reality. This 24 years old man made it happen! He says, “If I can do it, you can do it too. All you need to do is take the call to action”. Just go out and do it, instead of day-dreaming and feeling sad about what you don’t have.

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How To Transform Dreams Into Reality!

“A successful man is the one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him”-David Brinkley

This man in the video went from earning $1400 a month to $14000 a month in just 90 days! He once dreamed of being rich, he imagined his life will change and he worked towards it. He took the call to action and changed his own life! Yes, this is possible. If you are sitting there feeling low about yourself, watch this video and take massive action now. We all hesitate to take strong decisions in our life, we tend to contemplate a lot. Sometimes, it is best to simply take the call and start working towards your goal. Mastermind helps you take action and what is also a vital aspect about it is that everybody in Mastermind……

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How an IDEA can change people’s lives

We all have dreams and ambitions. There is no limit for weaving aspirations, you can build as many hopes as possible and nurture them. Keep one thing in mind; it is important to choose the right path to fulfill your desires. What you need is a fruitful idea that you can implement and enjoy your success. Here is the success story of two girls who transformed their dreams to reality.

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4 Simple Steps to BREAK a Poverty Mindset!


It’s all in the mind, they say – and on some level, they’re absolutely correct. Habits formed in your mind have kept you from financial success in life – so make this your time to start developing a healthy foundation for financial prosperity! Do you have a poverty mindset? Take a look at these 3 quick tips that from Jayme Washington that will help you identify what a poverty mindset looks like – and how to break it once and for all!

1. Don’t Speak The Language Of Poverty

How many hours do we spend in school learning financial wisdom? Zero! So where do you learn your financial habits? From other adults, mainly your parents. If your parents spent foolishly, their actions taught you to spend foolishly. If your parents spent wisely, you would gravitate towards wisdom in finances. The language of poverty that sounds like “we can’t afford it,” or “we don’t have the money” or “that’s for rich people, not us.” All those statements are victimized, poverty statements.

Change your language, and you change your financial future.

2. Eliminate Unhealthy Financial Traditions

Unhealthy traditions pass from one generation to the next. If you are serious about breaking yours, you can succeed. How?

  • Make a decision: Do you like where you are financially? Are you tired of the pressure of debt? If so, decide today to do whatever it takes to achieve financial independence.
  • Learn some new skills to replace the poor skills you learned from those around you.
  • Repetition is the mother of skill. Through repetition you learned poor financial skills; through repetition you will learn great financial skills. Beware who you learn from. You should learn from someone who has a lot of money – not just someone who looks the part. Most people are far from reaching their goal of financial independence.

Change your traditions, and you change your financial future.

3. Understand The Power Of Repetition

We learned how to walk, talk and eat by watching those around us. Everything we know how to do, we learned – or were at least were influenced by those around us. Have you ever said, “I will never be like…” or swore to do things differently from your parents, only to find yourself saying and doing those exact things? History repeats itself! Decisions made without establishing new skills will lead to failure of the decisions becoming a reality. Change your habits, and you change your financial future.

4. Take Action!

If you’ve gotten this far, know that you have been chosen to prevent those negative traditions from passing through you. Solomon, the richest man who ever lived, said: “A prudent man sees danger and takes refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.” Don’t be stupid! Don’t let this be another article you read and put away. Take action today. Start learning the difference between wise and foolish spending. Learn how to create assets instead of liabilities.

In Great Faith, 

Jayme 🙂 

Seven Keys to Success (Part 1 of 5)

Tired of Being Broke Spiritually and Financially?

* Worried about how you’re going to pay this month’s bills?

* Living a life that seems to be going in circles?

* Wanting to give to charities but not having the money to do it?

* Worried about how your kids are going to turn out?

* Feeling that you’re missing out on living a Spirit-filled abundant life?

Then You Need To Watch This Video . . .

In this video you will discover . . .

* How to experience the joy of being free from stress and self-sabotage

* Strategies that deliver the perfect balance between career and family

My mentor and coach, Dani Johnson,  shares this RARE video Series to the public for the first time! If I were you I would take plenty of notes! It will truly bless your soul!

To your success,

Jayme 🙂

Seven Keys to Success (Part 2 of 5)

Have you ever wondered how some have favor and others don’t? What is favor? Is there a difference between Bondage and Captivity?

Tip #1: Bondage and Captivity are both discipline for disobedience.

My mentor and coach, Dani Johnson will answer a few questions that will help you to stay Out of bondage and captivity……and prosper where you are planted.

If you are:

* Tired of Being Broke Spiritually and Financially?

* Worried about how you’re going to pay this month’s bills?

* Living a life that seems to be going in circles?

* Wanting to give to charities but not having the money to do it?

* Worried about how your kids are going to turn out?

* Feeling that you’re missing out on living a Spirit-filled abundant life?

Then You Need To Watch This Video . . .

You will learn:

* How to experience the joy of being free from stress and self-sabotage

* Strategies that deliver the perfect balance between career and family

Are you ready to put these Time Tested Biblical Secrets to work for you? Then Grab and Pen and a Piece of Paper and Watch this VIDEO!!!

In Great Faith,


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Do Children Really Benefit from Music???


By: Guest Blogger Bárbara Alva

Something that I will never forget, is when my life coach told me that a baby is able to learn everything in the matter of hours by just staring at it and analysis. It doesn’t matter if you put the baby against a wall with little spots, the baby is going to stare at it closely and analyze every single inch of the wall. This kind of small things impact his life in a semiotic way.

The same happens with music. According to my mom, when she was pregnant of me, she used to play instrumental music and also sing to me, then when I was born she kept doing that. Years later I asked why she did that, and she told me that it was a stimulus for my little baby body and brain.

All these aroused a big curiosity and I started wondering whether if it was possible that in fact the music had relationship with emotional and behavioral development of the baby.

According to the website ” My Baby and Me ” a melody is an adventure for children, because music is everywhere. However, for the little baby music is good, because it helps the kid to develop a better intellectual and emotional side. Listening to classical music, Renaissance´s music,  or through the baroque, classical , jazz it is a real healthy stimulation because of all the quantity of instruments combinations this kind of music has.

For example, James Douglas author of the book “She will have a baby and I will have a panic attack” says that when kids are in kindergarden a very common activity is getting them to sing, and share musical instruments, so this way they are having their first contact with other kids, learning how to share, and how to spend time with other people and not just with their mommy and daddy.

Music can also be an incentive for the child in a more developed age, for example; Apart from stimulating a parts the brain, it is also creating a discipline in the kid that eventually is going to help building a more independent being as well as a more confident personality and lead him to a level of analysis that when the time of turning into the teenage life will have this “natural instinct” more a float.

Finally , music has this wonderful gift of bringing people together. The child who lives in contact with music, the learns to have a better  relationship with other kids, and also helps to provide a more harmonious communication. Through music, the baby improves coordination, enhance memory, mathematical ability, language learning and also helps him maintaining better concentration. If you want to learn more about having music lessons right inside your home click here: http://bit.ly/washtonefreemusic. So moms and dads, what are you waiting on to enroll your little ones into free music lessons?

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